Worldwide, nine out of ten people breathe polluted air, and around 7 million people die each year from diseases and infections associated with poor air quality – more than five times more than the number of people killed in road accidents. The impact of poor air quality on global health is estimated at $ 5.7 trillion, which is 4.8% of global GDP. Poor air quality not only affects human health, but also has negative consequences for the economy, productivity and tourism. It affects the loss of biodiversity, causes acidification of soil and lakes, and reduces yields, threatening food security.

The International Day of Clean Air for blue skies is a global call to act with one unifying goal: clean air for all. Today, September 7, the holiday will be celebrated for the first time in history, calling on national leaders to work together to fight air pollution.

For years, PolREFF has been promoting activities related to investments to improve air quality by providing funding for investments in improving the energy efficiency of houses and apartments. The program includes tools and technical support. Loans are provided by the banks participating in the program. Customers who take advantage of PolREFF financing also have the option of using other discounts available on the market, e.g. the Thermomodernization Relief. Certain expenses may also be financed through government programs such as My Electricity and Clean Air.

Let’s celebrate today together and do everything we can to keep the air we breathe clean. And let’s remember that air is our common good.

More information at: https://www.cleanairblueskies.org/