About Technology Selector

The Technology selector helps you to select high performance products, technologies and services that were preselected by the GEFF
and are all eligible for financial support.

It also provides information for suppliers on how to include their products in the Technology Selector.

What the Technology Selector includes

The Technology Selector is comprised of a vast variety of ecofriendly products, technologies and services. Mainly form these areas:

To find exactly what you are looking for to implement your project, simply make the suitable selection in our database.

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How to include new products or services

This is a dummy text explaining how new high performance technologies, products or services can be included in the Technology Selector. It gives suppliers a rough idea how the process is going to be and what information they need to provide. Please advise if there is going to be an extra page for this purpose or if suppliers are simply advised to get in touch with GEFF. In any case, we will have a link for them to proceed.

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