Santander Consumer Bank targets support for green investments and development of green competencies

Santander Consumer Bank has established a partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in October 2022, joining the Program for Financing Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings in Poland”. – PolREFF.

As part of the cooperation, Santander Consumer Bank received a loan from the EBRD in the amount of PLN 350 million, which will be used to finance investments in improving energy efficiency and resource management in residential buildings in Poland. As a result, the bank’s customers will be able to benefit from a loan for investments in energy efficiency improvements in residential buildings. Potential customers will be able to apply for financing to carry out projects such as replacing a heat source or installing photovoltaic panels.

Santander Consumer Bank, in addition to carrying out activities aimed at developing its offer to enable green investments, also does not forget about the development of green competence. The financing provided to Santander Consumer Bank is supported by a Technical Cooperation component, financed by the Taiwan Business technical fund and the Polish government through the EBRD Special Shareholders Fund. Through this cooperation, PolREFF experts have prepared an e-learning course for Santander Consumer Bank’s employees and partners aimed at increasing competencies in the most important aspects of efficiency improvements in residential buildings.

Those participating in the training can learn not only what influences the improvement of energy efficiency in buildings, but also what heating technologies are most commonly used or how to preliminarily estimate the benefits of choosing a specific technology.  An important part of the training is also to learn about tools to support consumers in making investment decisions, which were prepared by PolREFF experts. The Energy Savings Calculator allows you to easily calculate estimated annual savings in kilowatt-hours (kWh) and Polish zlotys (PLN), while the Technology Selector allows you to efficiently search for equipment and materials verified by independent experts – meeting high energy efficiency criteria.