(Polski) PolREFF


The Polish Residential Energy Efficiency Financing Facility (PolREFF) was initiated and is managed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

PolREFF is supported by the Polish Ministry of Finance, TaiwanBusiness EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund and EBRD Shareholders Special Fund which finance the Technical Support provided by the Facility.

The goal of PolREFF is to support owners of apartments and residential houses in modernisation and renovation as well as the fight against smog. This is achieved through funding for home improvement projects to increase energy efficiency and improve the quality of life in residential buildings.

Modernisation projects financed under PolREFF by the participating banks may qualify for grant support from the Clean Air Priority ProgrammeMy Electricity Programme and Tax Relief under the national programme “Ulga Termomodernizacyjna”.

The EBRD has allocated EUR 200 million, for on-lending through the participating banks to homeowners, enabling them to carry out modernisation projects leading to the increased energy efficiency of residential buildings.

The unique benefit of PolREFF is the opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of independent expert – engineers through the banks participating in PolREFF.