The call for applications in the 2nd part of the Clean Air program begins on October 21. It is prepared for Poles with lower incomes. For the replacement of an outdated boiler or home thermo-modernization, they can get a higher subsidy – up to 37,000 PLN. You will need to provide a certificate of income issued by the municipality.

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management has also prepared new tools for people who want to use the support – a subsidy calculator, extension of the project by an additional six months and a list of devices and materials compliant with the program.

The information necessary to prepare for pro-ecological investments is also provided by the PolREFF program. The program’s website includes tools such as a calculator or a Technology Advisor). The banks participating in the program provide loans for the missing part of the financing. Certain expenses may also be financed under the Moj Prad program. It is also possible to take advantage of other relief available, e.g. the Thermomodernization Relief.

source: NFOŚiGW