Clean Air Day has been celebrated since 2005 and was established by the ARKA Ecological Foundation. Without air, a person will only survive for a few minutes. So why are we so carelessly contaminating them? According to a report by the European Environment Agency (EEA) entitled “Air quality in Europe – 2020”, in 2018, six Member States exceeded the EU limit value for fine particulate matter PM2.5. Poland was also included in this not very honourable group, in addition to Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Romania and Italy. Unfortunately, we contribute to this by burning fossil fuels in our homes, using outdated heating devices, or using poor quality fuel. Transport also contributes to the emission of harmful substances, especially vehicles with diesel engines. And exposure to pollution adversely affects health – including problems with the blood system (heart attacks, abnormal heart rhythm), respiratory (breathing problems, asthma) or nervous system (problems with concentration, stroke, premature aging of the brain).

This can be changed and affect air quality by investing in green technologies. For many years, PolREFF has been promoting activities related to such investments, providing opportunities to finance investments in improving the energy efficiency of houses and flats. PolREFF provides tools (e.g. calculator, Virtual Technology Advisor) and technical support. Loans are provided by the banks participating in the program.

It’s not everything. Persons who will benefit from PolREFF financing also have the opportunity to take advantage of other discounts available on the market, e.g. the Thermomodernization Relief. Certain expenses may also be financed through government programs such as Moj Prad and Czyste Powietrze.

Together, let’s take care of clean air for us and our children.