Are you renovating or modernizing your house?
Find out what you need to report and what permits are required.

Some renovations can be carried out in a house or an apartment without unnecessary formalities. Other investments will have to be notified. All works that affect the structure of the building will require a building permit.

In brief:

  • Maintenance – no permits or reporting required

  • Renovation – must be notified

  • Reconstruction – requires a permit


What is routine maintenance?

Maintenance does not require reporting or building permits. The only difficulty is that the construction law does not define what maintenance is. It is important to understand the remaining definitions, which will allow us to carry out works in houses and apartments according to the law.
We are allowed to conduct the following modernization without formalities: painting walls, changing wall and floor coverings, bathroom modernization. However work affecting partition walls has to be notified.

What is renovation?

According to the Polish law renovation covers all kind of works that are carried out in order to bring back the original state of the building. However using products and materials different to the original ones is allowed.
Renovating historical buildings requires a permit.

What is reconstruction?

House reconstructions are construction works that introduce changes to the building’s use or its technical parameters, except for such parameters as: volume, building area, height, length, width and number of floors.

Note: building extension and adding floors are not the same as reconstruction as with these the characteristics of the house (volume, building area, height, length, width or number of floors) are changed. In these cases, building permission is required.

Find the most frequent cases of regulations in the table below.





Routine maintenance of the roof that can be done without permission: cleaning the tiles, patching minor holes and cleaning gutters.

Roof renovation which includes replacing the roof installing insulation, replacing gutters and repairing the rafters.

Roof reconstruction is replacing or reinforcing the rafters, increasing the height of the house, installing an attic window that requires altering the roof construction; also loft conversion which also requires a permit for changing the purpose of the building or its part.

Doors and windows

Closing-off windows and doors in a detached house, replacement of windows and doors in a detached house as long as it does not change its structure (all openings must stay the same).

Installing an attic window without changing the structure of the building, replacing windows in a multi-family building (this will require a permit from the manager of the building – if there is one).

Creating new openings or enlarging existing ones requires a permit as this changes the structure of the building and its development conditions.


Wall insulation up to 12 metres high,
replacing facade materials or repairing the facade: new plaster, clinker, siding or wooden panels,
painting the elevation.

Balconies, terraces, porches

Building new balconies, terraces or winter gardens or changing their dimensions.

Internal and external stairs

Building or replacing internal stairs in a single-family house as long as it does not affect the structure of the house.

Building external stairs.


Heater replacement.

In single-family houses: replacement of: central heating, water installation, sewerage system, ventilation system, electrical installation; building a well less than 30 meters deep with water consumption below 5 m3 per day.

Building a well over 30 meters deep and water consumption over 5 m3 per day, building a septic tank, replacing a natural gas installation, building an internal fireplace and a chimney stack on the roof.

Other works

Installation of solar collectors, installation of an air conditioning system.

Drying the building connected to construction works, insulating the house from inside, modernization of the boiler room including boiler replacement, building a private sewage treatment plant with a daily output of up to 7,5 m3.

Ceiling reconstruction.